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Spider Therapy

Spider Therapy

The Spider is a toolfor standingwith excellent resultsand can be adaptedat home.

Working toolveryplayful, Spiderallows thechild to movefreely and safely.

The patient isstanding in the middleof a roomselectedbysonelasticattached to the wallsor in acageRock.

This type of supportis dynamicand allows the patientto practiceto practiceany type ofmovementand thus improvetheirsensory integration.


Spider Therapy

In this workshopthepatientdiscoversthe feeling ofverticality andwithoutfear of falling.
Verticalizationof the spineis an essential stepin the development ofwalking.

Work in theSpiderallowsimprove coordination, balance and muscular endurance.It is excellent forthe development ofhead controland trunkand developssocial skillsof the childcan interactwith its environment.

Important aradiologicalstudyof the hips ismade​​priortothe centerbeforecharging.

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