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The method

When with my team of therapists, we began working with children with cerebral palsy, our first objective was to return to the place of origin of the problem: the skull.

The psycho-motor being cephalo-caudal (head to end), it was therefore essential to ensure that the cranial structure allows good performance of the duties arising therefrom.

Indeed, the skull is there to protect the brain and not to limit or disrupt its growth and physiology.

-Also, do not forget that just like us, a child in a wheelchair can present with joint pain treatment should not differ from those of able-bodied people, since the origins are very often the same.

During the sessions, the patient goes through various workshops in which posture, disability and symptoms are evaluated by different members of our team (osteopaths, acupuncturists, Physiotherapists ...) to develop a personalized program adapted to its needs.

Different therapists work in coordination within the center and the team of Dr. Nazarov (myiotenofaciectomie), which enables a rapid response to the needs of daily patient.

The patient approach is holistic, meaning it is considered in its entirety.
We are parents to various workshops, so they can continue daily homework (exercises created a DVD for their child to provide at the end of the stay).

Contained method Essentis?

Contained method Essentis?

The first day, we realize tests and put in place a strategy for treatment to best meet the grounds for consultations.

The patient is in different workshops reeducation with the aim to develop maximum functional motor:

  • Testing and treatment of osteopathy (musculoskeletal, craniosacral, visceral, acuatic).
  • Testing and treatment Acupuncture
  • Physiotherapy disorders, motor and / or neurological
  • Extracorporal wave shock therapy (radial) for muscular fibrosis
  • Theratog
  • Therasuit
  • Spider therapy (verticalisation active)
  • Work of the vestibular system
  • Primary reflex
  • Biofeedback Essentis method protocol
  • VLP


In addition

  • Sessions of Osteopathy (Frederic Guez,  Jorge Aranda)
  • Acupuncture (Vicent Bagué)
  • Dental treatment (Patricia Aparisi).
  • Training in the method for your profesionels Essentis ® cient of graduates (physiotherapists, and osteopathes accupuncteurs) request training dates and prices
  • Conferences in the foreign associations or individuals.
Ask us for an appointment and ask us for fees each therapy.

The method is suitable for:

  1. CP patients.
  2. The realization of post-operative myoténofasciotomie (Dr.Nazarov).
  3. Patients with impaired motor development after neonatal injury.
  4. Rehabilitation following a stroke.
  5. The spinal cord lesions and spina bifida.
  6. Neuromuscular disorders (spasticity, ataxia, distonie, athetosis, afrigoré facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia ...).
  7. Some genetic syndromes ( Rett, West, Gillepsie, Mowat wilson, X fragil, Angelman... ...): we seek advice before coming.
  8. Treatment of plagiocephaly and craniosynostosis .
  9. Treatment of scoliotic attitudes (II grade)
  10. Communication disorders.
  11. Osteopathic treatment of postpartum
We receive patients of all ages (baby-child-adult)

The objectives of the program:

The objectives of the program:

  • Correct musculoskeletal dysfunction, visceral and cranial limiting mobility.
  • Correct posture and verticalize independently.
  • Work on balance and motor coordination.
  • Develop maximum motor function.
  • Improving muscle strength and endurance.
  • Correct neurological patterns "wrong".
  • Provide autonomy.
  • Work the motor phases (soil, crawling, 4 legs, walking on crutches and independent) up walking.
  • Learning Theratog  and Spider


A new directive applied to facilitate and avoid organizational problems, we request advance payment of a reservation (about 400 euros to compensate therapists within cancellation occurs less  one month before the start of treatment).

Well aware that a child with cerebral palsy can easily fall ill repayment of this credit will be made ​​on presentation of a medical certificate + proof of ticket for the dates of treatments + hotel reservation or apartment for the dates of treatment .

NB. Number of consultation will be communicated only via email

Price therapies

(Just included the therapy)

2018 Price therapies

Harmonization Therapeutic tarifs Essentis year 2018

Since its inception, Essentis has sought technological innovations around the world to help your children evolve.

For 10 years, we have focused our approach on motor rehabilitation.

We integrated osteopathy and acupuncture, neurological physiotherapy, then the technique of myotenofaciotomy of Dr. Nazarov.

Then we integrated the approach in genomics, functional orthopedics, auditory neurostimulation, and behavioral optometry.

In 2017 we saw the impact of integrating the Talk Evolution technique on the physical improvement of many patients.

"Soma and psyche interact with each other and can not be separated"

In 2017 we began to search for techniques that would help us in the consultation but also at home to compensate for this lack.

We decided to start 2018 with the introduction of new innovative materials.


Created jointly with the 3 osteopaths (Ph.D.) of the center (Alessandro Urbani, Jorge Aranda, Frédéric Guez). This is intended to guide you to colleagues around the world, able to follow in NEUROSTEOPTAHIE, chosen according to our criteria of competences. 


AU CENTER: tester think work retester

to work together
time :

• Attention,
• Active involvement in play phases,
• Feedback via graphic statistics (participation, speed of movement of the articular segments put into action, evolution between the different sessions, ...)

The child will be all the more active and engaged when he wants to do the action. This desire is triggered when the activity pleases him, that it matters to him, that he sees a personal interest in it.


1. A test to know if your children can control eye-stracking devices?
2. Training sessions.

Thus we will harmonize our tariffs from 1 January 2018.

This will give all families access to the evolutionary listening + biofeedback + virtual reality sessions.

Essentis 1 week (20 h): 949,30 €

Essentis 2 weeks (40 hours): 1898,6 €

Essentis 3 weeks (60 h): 2847,9 €

Essentis 4 weeks (80 hours): 3797,2 €

List of therapies included
1. Physiotherapy
2. Osteopathy
3. Acupuncture
4. Spider therapy
5. Therasuit, theratog
6. Auditory neurostimulation (based on the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis)
7. Virtual Reality
8. Therapy eye tracking (IRISBOND)
9. Basal therapies
10. Hydrotherapies (physiotherapy and osteo)
11. Biofeedback
12. Muscular Ecography
13. Evolution Talk Orientation Test
14. Myoton Test
15. Extracorporal wave shock therapy (radial) for muscular fibrosis

List of therapies not included.

1. Follow-up visit to orthopedics
2. Dentist visits
3. Behavioral Optometrist Visit
4. Visit to Dr. Nazarov
5. Visits and Genomics Testing
6. Follow-up Home Virtual Reality
7. Evolution Talk
8. Virtual reality platform to do home exercises
9. Osteopathic sesions with Frederic Guez (PhD): 
-Paris (17 rue de Monceau 75008) 200 euros (1h)
-Barcelone (st Cugat) : 90 euros (40min)
-Barcelone (Cerdanyola) ostéopathie+ étude biomécanique 500 euros (3h)
-Déplacement clubs de football D1 :1300 euros (1/2 journée)
-Roumanie, Italie,UK,Belgique : neuro osteopathie : 80 euros (30 min)

Entitat Tutelar Sant Jordi de Catalònia - Ctra. Flor de Maig, km 2’8
08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Spain)
info@metodoessentis.com (00 34) 935 952 432